Application Example: Patient self check-in kiosk for ADP AdvancedMD EHR/PM

Morris Cardiovascular and Risk Reduction Center in Chester, VA has been using Brookwood Systems¡¯ patient self check-in kiosk since March 2013. ¡°The kiosk really helped to streamline our patient check-in process,¡± says Dr. Clifford Morris, a cardiovascular specialist. ¡°Our patients no longer need to wait to be checked in if the front desk staff happens to be on the phone or busy on other tasks when patients walk in. The kiosk is very easy and intuitive to use, and takes typically two minutes or less to complete the check-in process.¡±

The patient self check-in kiosk used in Dr. Morris¡¯ clinic is designed to work with AdvancedMD¡¯s EHR/PM software. Patients simply enter their information such as birthday, phone number and/or social security number from a touch-screen and confirm the appointment time from the day¡¯s schedule. ¡°The kiosk works seamlessly with our AdvancedMD Practice Management software and has nice features such as reminding the patients if they have an unpaid balance in their accounts,¡± says Fran Morris, the clinic¡¯s business manager, ¡°It is a great tool in helping bring the patients¡¯ payments up to date.¡±

The kiosk also provides a convenient platform for the clinic to display upcoming events, new services, health advisories and other information such as photos and videos that are of interest to the patients. ¡°Our clinic offers a variety of fitness programs for our patients and general public,¡± says Dr. Morris, ¡°The kiosk¡¯s photo and video gallery provides us a very convenient way to demonstrate various exercise programs.¡±

In the back office, Brookwood Systems also provides the clinic with an electronic wait list that provides the staff convenient viewing of patients¡¯ check-in statuses. The system uses simple visual cues to indicate the various check-in statuses of patients. Detailed logs of each appointment are maintained and can be used to compile reports and analyzed for improvements in the patient flow management process.
¡°The patient self-check in kiosk helps improve our office staff¡¯s productivity and enhance our patients¡¯ experience when they come to see us,¡± says Dr. Morris, ¡°It is definitely a very valuable addition to our clinic.¡±

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