Application Example: Information Kiosk for River of Life Christian Church

River of Life Christian Church (ROLCC) in Santa Clara, California has been using the Brookwood Systems information kiosk for its visitors and parishioners since 2011. The system consists of six kiosks installed in key, high-traffic areas inside the church¡¯s main building which encompasses more than 100,000 square feet. Users use the kiosk to look up events and locations inside the church building and the directions for getting there. ¡°The new [Brookwood Systems] kiosks help our church members and visitors more conveniently navigate through our campus,¡± says Timothy Peng, administrator of ROLCC, ¡°which sometimes could be a little challenging, particularly for first time visitors.¡± The kiosks also provide users with up to date information on the church¡¯s upcoming events and programs. An interactive calendar on the kiosk shows users detailed information on what is happening in the church throughout the year. In the event of an emergency, the kiosk will display the evacuation routes at a simple touch of the kiosk display screen. The kiosk is also designed to be a convenient platform for the church to make important announcements.

The kiosk¡¯s employment of user friendly touch screen and intuitive interface software provides a clean, simple and fast-responding experience. The cloud and web-based implementation makes it extremely easy and flexible in managing, maintaining and updating the system. ¡°ROLCC is one of the largest churches in Northern California,¡± says Timothy, ¡°and is known for adopting the newest and best technologies to further our mission. Brookwood Systems¡¯ solution helps ROLCC in better serving our congregation and members and creates a new visiting experience for them.¡±

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