Application Example: Patient Self Service kiosk for Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) has been using the Brookwood Systems way-finding kiosk in its Mountain View, California facility since 2009. The kiosk allows visitors to look up the location of a medical provider or department and advises the best way to reach their destination via touch screen. The kiosk is installed in the main entrance of PAMF¡¯s 250,000 square-foot Mountain View Center campus. The web-based design allows the kiosk be managed remotely for map and directory update and maintenance.

Palo Alto Medical Foundation¡¯s Mountain View Center has been named one of the top physician groups in California by the Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA). Dr. Richard Slavin, president of PAMF, stated, "Palo Alto Medical Foundation has always strived to provide the best quality health services to our community. The [Brookwood Systems] kiosk brings new technology and further convenience to assisting our patients."

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