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Brookwood Systems’ Church Information Kiosk Systems will help your church improve on-site communication with your members and visitors by providing them with the latest event and announcement information at their fngertips.

Provide Interactive Way-Finding Maps with Step-by-Step Directions
Fully interactive way-finding maps allow your members and visitors to easily find where they are going with a simple touch.
Provide Browsable Directories and Event Calendars
Browsable directories and event calendars allow visitors to look up event information and get directions to their destination.
Display Public Announcements
Publish announcements to instantly inform members and visitors about happenings at the church.
Display Local Points of Interest and Services
Let your visitors know about amenities in the area by providing a list of local stores and services.
Instantly Display an Emergency Exit Route
In case of emergency, quickly turn any kiosk into an emergency exit route map with just a single touch.
Track System Usage and Generate Reports
Using the system tools and reports, track each kiosk's usage and determine how to best allocate resources during peak hours.

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