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Brookwood Systems' Patient Self Service Solutions will allow your hospital to improve its quality of service by utilizing self service kiosks to streamline patient fow and increase staff effciency.

Provide Interactive Way-Finding Maps with Step-by-Step Directions
Patients and visitors will be able to navigate their way around your campus easily with a fully interactive way-finding map.
Provide Browsable Personnel and Departmental Directories
Use browsable directories to help patients and visitors quickly locate a doctor or department.
Provide Browsable Event Calendars and Announcement Pages
Browsable event calendars and announcement pages help keep everyone informed about the current events and occasions at the hospital.
Display Local Points of Interest and Services
Provide a list of local shops and services for visitors.
Instantly Display an Emergency Exit Route
In case of emergency, quickly turn any kiosk into an emergency exit route map with just a single touch.
Track System Usage and Generate Reports
Optimize your staff’s time by tracking system usage and allocating resources to high traffic areas.

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